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Honor Mobile View20

In January of 2019 we completed a project for mobile phone brand Honor that formed part of the marketing campaign for their new View20 model.

The project brief was to deliver 5 eye-catching videos that reflected the brand's aesthetic and showcased the new phone's key features. Rather than go down the more traditional product demo route it was decided to instead create five contained, almost surreal stories where notches were removed on sleek wooden conveyor belts and holographic designs are rolled on like magic paint.

These scenarios allowed us to create some eye-catching and unusual content without losing our focus on the phone's features as seen here in our second video where the letters of HONOR playfully jump through the screen and transform from 2D to 3D to demonstrate the phone's cutting edge TOF 3D sensor.

As the videos were to be used across different social and online platforms we designed each one in 1920x1920. Working with this size canvas enabled us to create flexible content that could easily be adapted without losing quality or increasing the time and cost of production.

A large part of the production was devoted to look development. Though both brighter colours and more muted options were explored we eventually built the colour palette around one of View 20 colour options in order to bring these videos in line with the wider marketing campaign.

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