A Profound Waste of Time

editorial illustrations

We were commissioned to illustrate an article in the inaugural copy of A Profound Waste of Time, a new independent magazine that explores and celebrates the art form and culture of gaming. As long time fans of gaming and design we were delighted to have the opportunity to be involved in the project.


Our illustrations were for an article by Kat Brewster called ‘Radical Softness’, a beautiful piece of writing that explores the recent trend towards nurture focused, low-poly games like Mountain and how they can act as a “digital security blanket” in times of stress and mental ill health. Using notions of journeys, exploration and space as a backdrop and building in thematic and stylistic references to the games discussed we created a series of 6 images to accompany the article.


The first issue of Profound Waste of Time is available online now.

Client: A Profound Waste of Time

Creative Director: Caspian Whistler

Writer: Kat Brewster

Design and Illustration: Mr Kaplin